Introducing Adim's Creator Mentorship Program

When someone suffers from a slow start to a career in the entertainment industry, they’ll often fall on the phrase “it’s about who you know.” But when someone succeeds in a sustained career in the entertainment industry, they’ll look to alter the phrase: “it’s about who you’ve learned from.”

A mentor's guidance can transform creative paths and illuminate industry nuances, opening doors that have historically been kept locked.

Starting this summer, Adim is proud to announce our new Mentorship Program. This initiative will bring our community of creators together with an incredible cohort of Mentors with experience ranging from traditional entertainment (i.e. Showtime) to leading interactive media companies (i.e. Audible, Spotify). Our mentors share Adim's commitment to nurturing creative talent and are excited to support burgeoning creators take their next steps on the road they once traveled.

To kick off the program, we’ll be hosting a series of creative showcases, offering an initial platform for dialogue and connection between mentors and early creators. This marks the start of a new approach to mentorship at Adim, bridging the distance between established professionals and emerging creators.

Adim remains committed to nurturing artists, guiding their creative careers and equipping them with tools for success. We envision a future where all storytellers have the opportunity to share their narratives, and mentors can form fulfilling relationships that enhance their own storytelling abilities. This commitment to a fairer and more accessible creative process is at the heart of Adim.

Thank you to our first batch of mentors! Our inaugural mentors include Aaron Berndston (Digital Collectibles Agency), Jerry Chan (Chnnl Media), Will Groebe (Adim), Erin Heyns (Audible), Ray Jimenez (Zero Gravity Management), Frank Jung (CAA), Barry Katz (Barry Katz Entertainment), Eddie Kim (Spotify Studios), Stephanie Kupperman (Licensing 360), Karim Lakhani (Baobab Studios), Jeff Luini (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia & Welcome to Wrexham), Chris Martin (Third Culture Content), Nate Pincus Roth (Masterclass), Sam Rappaport (Legendary Entertainment), Urooj Sharif (Showtime Networks), Sanjay Sharma (Marginal Media), Trace Sheehan (Boomdozer), Angie Sun (Glen Keane Productions), Keyonna Taylor (Adim) and Kyle Van Dyn Hoven (Doge Pound).

Interested in joining Adim as a mentor? Apply to join the program here. Creators can always join the Adim community by visiting

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